lunch in paris • watercolor sketch

Friday, June 29, 2012

After eating beaucoup de jambon & fromage sandwiches on the go…it’s a welcomed treat to sit down and enjoy a tasty lunch. We feasted happily on fresh salads & salmon at the Rose Bakery on the Rue des Martyrs in the 9th. Yum…beautiful to behold too-such vivid color on the plate! And the sweet & savory baked goods are oh-so-delicious and enticing in a rustic way.

j’adore paris

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

And especially the Jardin du Luxembourg in summertime…where it stays light well into the evening – I snapped this photo around 9pm last night…strolling the garden with ice cream cone in hand : ) la vie est belle.

The Medici Fountain in the Jardin du Luxembourg. Gorgeousness abounds here. Further down the path I stumbled upon a small orchard of apple & pear espaliers…delight.

Even the clouds here are dazzling…as they march across the summer sky.

Gerhard Richter rocks the Pompidou with his amazing paintings. The retrospective exhibition celebrates his 80th birthday.

Gerhard Richter’s clouds.

He says: A lot of people find other media more attractive – put a video screen in a museum and nobody wants to look at the painting anymore. But painting is my profession, because it has always been the thing that interested me the most. And now I’m of a certain age, I come from a different tradition and, in any case, I can’t do anything else. I’m still very sure that painting is one of the most basic human capacities, like dancing and singing, that make sense, that stay with us, as something human. 

Photos & sketches by Elizabeth Hubbell.

greek feast • menu

Monday, June 18, 2012

Every year, around the summer solstice, we have a neighborhood dinner party in Susie + Eduardo’s beautiful Berkeley garden. Usually there’s a theme to keep the menu cohesive – one year it was French pique-nique, where everyone dressed up in vintage costumes to re-enact Renoir’s painting, The Boating Party. This year’s theme was Go Greek, with a re-enactment of the Parthenon Frieze…all of us dressed up in the God/Goddess of our choice. We try to source the food from within 100 miles of Berkeley, which isn’t too difficult given the abundance of neighborhood gardens & markets w/ local produce. For this year’s menu, I painted cerulean/Aegean sea blue stripes for a bold pop of color on the feasting table.

And here we are…in full Greek God & Goddess-wear striking our respective poses. Styled and photographed by our dear friend & neighbor, artist & muralist extraordinaire, Eduardo Pineda…he also made the horses at each end of the frieze.

fresh off the press • wine labels

Friday, June 15, 2012

Petit Renard Vineyard got its name from the little red fox that hangs out amid the terraced grapevines and on the vigneron-proprietor, Jill Stewart’s backyard porch. Inspiration for the wine label comes from Aesop’s fable, The Fox and the Grapes. Letterpress printed in rich cabernet red ink with matte antique gold border.

Along with the front & back wine labels, calling cards were printed using the same hand-drawn illustration of the little fox & grapes.